CPM Scheduling

Critical Path Method scheduling is a significant element of most construction projects and one of the primary means of communicating project status to all the team members.  Navigator CM has been providing comprehensive scheduling services for all manner of projects since our inception and many of our team have been providing scheduling services for numerous years.

We have assisted with development and management of the schedule during all the project phases including pre-construction, construction and post-construction.  During pre-construction, we have assisted with development of the overall program master schedule to manage all the design, contracting, pre-construction work, estimate the construction duration and plan for project turnover.  During the construction phase, we have managed the contractor’s scheduling efforts as a member of their team for building, transportation, and environmental projects.  We have also supported owners during the construction phase with comprehensive baseline schedule review and review and oversight of the contractor’s required periodic schedule submissions.  That routinely includes preparation of a detailed report of findings and supporting the owner during all schedule related discussions with the contractor.   It also involves development of or analysis of project delays and time impact analysis, to accurately and fairly manage project changes and impacts that may affect the project duration.  Following project completion, Navigator performs schedule analysis as needed to help resolve potential claims.  Throughout each of those phases our approach to and philosophy about scheduling is intended to:

  • Create and maintain a realistic schedule to be used for both planning and progress evaluation and payment purposes;
  • Provide accurate analysis with clear and correct information to help evaluate construction performance and project risk and point the construction team to practical  cost –effective solutions;
  • Create an accurate historical record of actual project performance events for use in the analysis of delays, and time extension requests; and
  • Determine the probable effects of weather, design revisions, unexpected site conditions and other construction problems and delays on the interim and final completion dates.

The professionals at Navigator CS, LLC stay involved with various industry groups, often taking leadership roles, in order to stay current with industry best-practices  and participate in the development of best practices for schedule preparation and analysis.

Over the years, our team has shared our scheduling expertise with Owners by providing CPM scheduling training as well as overall project management training that provide detailed CMP scheduling modules.