Cost Estimating

Regardless of whether you feel cost is the most important of the four primary project concerns of cost, time, quality and safety, it almost always at least critically important.

Most certainly all time, safety and quality concerns may impact cost and vice versa.  Designing and building within budget challenges  nearly every project. Near-continuous and often dramatic fluctuations in material and labor pricing can cause final project costs to be dramatically different for the estimated cost at design through no fault of the design.  Couple that reality with  continuous updates to construction industry practices, technology changes, variations in the availability and skills within the labor markets, as well as project-specific variables such as site conditions, materials and construction methodology and you have a recipe for cost overruns.  A comprehensive cost analysis, based on the sound risk consideration, market conditions, historical information and experience can help reduce the risk of debilitating cost overruns.

Navigator CS can supply this type of service through expertise of our team of professional estimators who bring extensive experience from numerous competitively bid contracts and in-construction cost control support.   This relevant experience allows us to accurately estimate and help control costs for most elements of work and for all phases of a project. The combination of our construction contracting and project management background and disputes resolution expertise gives us special insight to:

  • Accurately evaluate the degree of complexity and construction difficulty of a particular project including potential construction phasing, site operation, weather impacts, and completion milestones challenges;
  • Thoroughly analyze constructability, labor market, and productivity factors; and
  • Review materials selections including first cost and life cycle costs, availability, long-lead item procurement, ease of maintenance, etc.

Through these capabilities, Navigator CS  is prepared to develop realistic cost estimates of proposed construction work and to provide effective cost control of on-going construction.