2010–Present: Federal Transit Administration, Support PMO oversight of ARRA funded projects, various locations

Posted on December 17, 2013 in Construction Management

Currently providing support to Booz Allen Hamilton for Program Management Oversight (PMO) of multiple Federal Transit Administration ARRA funded grant projects in Mississippi, North Carolina Puerto Rico, Connecticut, Orlando, and Miami.

Projects include transportation services buildings, bus routes and light rail.  Construction Management Services consist of reviewing project schedules, project Quality Control/Quality Assurance and Buy America Plan submissions, review of project documents and scope definition, monitoring progress, providing technical oversight review of all aspects of the project development, delivery, and execution and reporting findings and recommendation through the PMO to FTA.  Such reviews and monitoring have included a comprehensive review of the Grantee technical capabilities, project costs, schedule, planning, design, construction, operation, and quality assurance/quality control documentation in an ongoing process as it relates to project constructability, project management and oversight of ongoing construction activities.  Navigator CS is also providing detailed project schedule review and analysis on two new large projects, including planned Monte-Carlo level construction schedule risk analysis.  All work is ongoing.


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