2010–2012 Various Consulting Engineering Assignments Unified Industries

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Task 1.
Under consulting agreement with UII, provided support to NISH during critical executive–level hiring action.  NISH’s rapidly expanding and significant Facilities Operation and Maintenance needs and internal capabilities drove the establishment of new Executive Director Total Facilities Management (TFM) Program Office position. We assisted with evaluation of candidates, against comprehensive criteria and understanding of global needs, and provided hiring recommendations.  Our extensive knowledge of facilities construction, operations, professional staffing and leadership was critical to properly gauge individual strengths and weaknesses against requirements resulting in top notch placement action.

Task 2: 
Through UII assisted NISH with pre-qualification of commercial non-profit firms interested in performing TFM service through NISH.  Task involved detailed review and grading of 17 technical proposals that responded to NISH RFP.  Reviews required examination and evaluation of partnering and subcontracting, management, mentoring, training, estimating and technical skills, financial condition and understanding and experience with CMMS.

Task 3: 
Pre-qualification of prospective Non-Profit Total Facility Management service providers.  Through UII we assisted NISH with evaluating qualifications of 70 respondents to a national NISH Request for Qualifications for TFM capabilities.  NISH desired to establish a list of pre-qualified TFM contractors who are, can team with, sub to or otherwise support non-profit Prime TFM providers on future contracts.  We provided technical support for the initial go-no-go determination then completed a review of the technical capabilities of those found to meet the minimum requirements and graded them by technical and financial capability.

Task 4:
Inspection of HVAC Equipment at Joint Base Andrews.  Work performed for UII for NISH.  Work included evaluation and documentation, including appropriate photographs, of the status of repair, age, and probable service life of HVAC equipment in mechanical rooms in the five buildings and three residence rooms in each of four dormitories.  Investigation, documentation of evidence of the relationship of quality of maintenance to the status of repair of equipment in the mechanical rooms and residence rooms and where appropriate, examination of records of repair actions.  Documentation and evaluation of options for repair or replacement actions that will provide the Air Force of the most economical means of ensuring heating and cooling to the occupants of the buildings examined.  Cost estimates of each option shall be provided, including cost of equipment, materials, and labor.  The results of these efforts were presented in a detailed report that was included as part of UII’s detailed report to NISH.



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